The 1st Term this year started with a fairly big intake of new dancers at most levels, we are delighted to report.  A warm welcome is extended to these new dancers and their families.  We hope you will be very happy and hard working in your new dancing home and be with us for many years to come.

I took this term to re-structure some of the classes in order to fit new classes in and to cope with the ever changing patterns of working life. Time, however seems constantly to shrink as one attempts to fit more and more into everyone’s day.


A reminder to everyone to please be ready for your class to start on time. The classes are carefully planned and if we start late you will miss out on a step.  And if you miss a whole class it becomes difficult to play catch up.  As one teenager put it, `I miss one class and there are all these new things I have to learn’.


During this 2nd term we will be having selected Classes undergoing Assessments.  Those dancers involved will be informed and they will be allowed to have a Parent or Guardian sit in on the class.  Only one person per candidate please note!


Our Monday and Wednesday 5 – 6 class will be starting pointe work this term which promises to be great fun for all of us except the parents who will have to foot the bill for the shoes.


Our DVD from last season’s production is not ready yet as our musician/composer/videographer is completely snowed under with his performing work.  We are working very carefully with this film we are making as we want it to be the best we can make at this stage.  Gordon is working with new software and as you all know this too takes time.  So be patient everyone it will get done meanwhile we are learning an enormous amount for next time.


Speaking of which, I have started the groundwork for the new production.  We will be looking for business, private individuals, funders to assist with the most expensive aspects of the production.  They are: the commissioning of the original music, the design and making of the costumes, the art work and marketing of the production and the creation of the DVD.  it is not only about money but also about people having the time and expertise to assist.   We are prepared to negotiate naming rights and look at other possibilities for a symbiotic relationship with sponsors/advertisors.


If anyone is interested in helping or has ideas let me know and we can talk about it and see what comes.  Enjoy the term everyone and stay healthy and fit.  Amy Gould