• People are expected to be on time. If you still have to change, then arrive 10 minutes early.


  • Please do not leave children waiting at the school when their class is finished without checking that this is convenient and acceptable.  Leaving a child waiting for longer than 5 – 10 minutes after their class is not acceptable.


  • Studio turquoise leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes for girls.  Black tights, black shoes and white t-shirts for boys. We stock the leotards.


  • Girls, hair tied and pinned up. Pony tails and plaits not a good idea. Clip hair back with slides or twist into a bun that stays in bun.  Two hair pins holding up waist length hair is not structurally functional.  A lot of time is wasted trying to control hair and shoes.  Sew elastic across the instep to keep the shoe on the foot.  This is not an optional extra but a necessity.


  • Please!!!!!!  Do not hoot when you want the gates to open. Press the buzzer and I will open as quickly as I can.  I am often not on top of the intercom and have to get there or I have to find the most suitable opportunity so that the teaching does not become disturbed.


  • And the last requirement.  Fees are payable at the beginning not the end of the term or some time.  If you need time to settle an account, discuss it with me so that we can come to a suitable arrangement. One full term’s notice is required when terminating classes.