We train dancers from approximately 4 years of age to professional level.

Pre School beginner classes and slightly older beginners are held on Saturday mornings.

4 year olds stretching

4 year olds stretching

Rebecca in a Retire

Rebecca in a Retire

Preparing for a production

Preparing for a Production


  •  The training concentrates on instilling musicality, versatility and a strong technique.
  • We apply the Cecchetti Method of training with additional input.
  • Point work is introduced at Senior level when strength and placing have reached the required standard.
  • Internal class assessments are undertaken at different times.
  • Dancers may participate in productions when considered appropriate.



Dancers in rehearsal


  • Classes for various levels of dancers are held during the week.
  •  Adult Beginner classes are held from 6 – 7 in the evenings
  • Previously Trained Dancers returning to Ballet and wanting to pursue the possibility of performing are welcome to attend one of our evening and Saturday morning classes

Contact  Amy Gould Ballet School

to arrange a trial lesson and competency assessment to see where you would best be suited.

Please supply answers to the questions below

Age of dancer if under 21 years.

Previous training and if so for how long.

You will then be supplied with possible days, times and cost of classes.


We stock our school leotard and provide information on where shoes and tights may be purchased.


When attending classes entry and parking is by pressing the Buzzer on the Security Gate from the Church Rd entrance.

Safe Parking is at the back of the school behind our security gates.

Parents may wait in the grounds or in our Glass Room Reception area.

When attending a production Entrance and parking is from White Rd behind the premises

Dancers from our production `The Girl with Enamel Eyes’

The Tiger, The Spider and the Lap Pop.

         Tiger from the Girl with Enamel Eyes   The Spider from the Girl with Enamel Eyes   The Girl with Enamel Eyes