Amy Gould Ballet School in association with Dance Crew 

These were held  for Grades 1 (+ 2  year training), Grades 3 (+ 4  year training) and Grades 5 (+6  year training)  Approximately 30 candidates participated ranging in age from 7 years to 14 years.

This was an internal assessment based on the work undertaken during the previous year for these particular classes.  The criteria were based on attendance, theory, technique and performance quality.

We chose attendance as one of the criteria because it is critical to the learning process and is a vital building block from which all knowledge extends.


Assessors were chosen not only from the dance genre, ballet is a composite art form, and we thought it important to have a far wider approach to how potential dancers are assessed not only as potential dancers but teachers and choreographers as well.

Assessors were:

Lucy  Norton   BMus.Hons UCT, piano, organ, harpsichord and cello,  accompanist for ballet, singers and other instrumentalists.  Licentiate for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and a Fellow of Trinity College, London.

Merle Kotze Couturier designer and Hair Stylist and a Director of Dance Crew

Janine Titus Lombard Associate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Cecchetti Method and a Director of Dance Crew


Amy Gould Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (Lon), the Executive and Artistic Director of Dance Crew and principal of the ballet school

We also took the unprecedented step of inviting one parent or guardian per candidate to attend the proceedings.  This was very well received and gave the parents an insight as to how a dancer reacts under these conditions.

As their teacher my contribution was to give the attendance mark for each candidate but not participate in the remaining allocation of marks.  The proceedings were conducted as a full class with candidates performing various sequences as solos or part of a group.

Certificates of Competency were handed out the following week.


The general consensus by everyone involved is that this is a worthwhile and rewarding undertaking to be repeated but not on a regular or annual basis but when candidates were ready and the need was there to further improve and uphold standards of achievement.

From the assessors the consensus was that the work was beautifully prepared and presented and that each candidate was confident both in the knowledge required of them and in the performance thereof.  Particular mention was made of their musicality.  The results were particularly high and awarded with great insight on the part of the assessors.  It was interesting to note that two candidates who have enormous potential did not achieve what they are capable of because of lack of attendance.  This was not due to any lack of commitment on their part but to life circumstances.

Those requiring information as to the process we followed are welcome to contact  or call on 021 715 9510

Amy Gould Report issued 27 May 2015