DANCE WITH YOUR HEART – An SA Ballet Academy novel  

This book review was first published in ImagineMag!

book-cover                                                                          book-back-cover

Author:             Bronwyn Mulrooney                                                                                                              

Photography:    Lauge Sorensen

Cover Art:         Colleen Mulrooney,

                          Red Raven Designs

ISBN:                 978-0-620-71245-3

Reviewer 1:       Amy Gould


For me, each book has a feel to it from the moment I set eyes on it.  This does not mean that my feelings are always right.  I have been spectacularly wrong in the past.  This time I was spectacularly right.

From the moment I saw this book with its’ beautiful cover in shades of purple my eyes were delighted.  Then I picked it up and it felt soft and welcoming and fitted nicely into my hands.  Now the final test before I was prepared to be totally seduced.  I started to read.

Bronwyn Mulrooney writes from a position of strength as she trained as a dancer for many years.  She has planned this book with impeccable timing and has a wonderful flow to the telling of the story that held my attention.

This is the strong impression I had right from my first communication with the author and subsequent receipt of the book.  This is a book that has been planned and carried out with meticulous attention to detail.

I am not going to give away any of the details of this ballet adventure story as you really need to read and enjoy this book for yourself as it tells the tale of a group of young dancers in their pursuit of a career in the hard and exhausting world of ballet.  As a hardened ballet teacher of many years of back breaking work in my beloved profession I fell in love with the characters in this book.  An extremely enjoyable read it is also fun and catches with great wit the foibles of both fellow pupils and teachers.

This is a great book for parents and all ages of dancers to read – for those of us for whom the magic of dance will always continue.


Reviewer 2:       Dr Dawn Gould

One does not often see books on ballet published for teenagers. When DANCE WITH YOUR HEART came my way and being someone who enjoys classical ballet, I was curious to read the contents.  I was not disappointed.  Firstly the book itself is well presented – the cover immediately attracts the eye. The reader is introduced to the ballet pupils who are studying  at the South African Ballet Academy. As the story line advances one learns of the friendship among some of the dancers as well as a mixture of antagonism and jealousy from others. Mixed in with these details is their increasing awareness of their growing maturity.

The themes that follow indicate the total focus and sheer hard work demanded of the serious learners;  the challenge to the young bodies as their bones, joints, legs, arms are urged or forced into correct positions;  the role that musicality plays in this art form.

Reading on one wonders how the author is going to further the story line. This is where fantasy enters which is done most astutely by blending the coming performance of that beautiful ballet Giselle, with the ghost of a young woman who too, had loved the dance.

The author has written a story that comes alive, stressing not only the ability of committed dancers but also the attributes of good teachers to form dancers of quality.


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