Term starts Monday 18th July

Welcome:  To the new dancers and their families who started during the 2nd term and to those starting this term.

Fees:  Payable at the beginning of the term unless you have other arrangement with me to pay monthly.

New classes: 5 – 6 year old class on Tuesday 4.15 -5.00 this is also the 2nd class for the Saturday 9.15 class


Sincere thanks to all the people who helped make this show such an enjoyable and successful performing period. I really appreciated everything done for us it makes my job so much easier.

If anyone has good pics or video clips ( I know you do) please forward them to me and I will put them up on our site

As those who attended will have noticed there is a lovely young bunch of dancers arising from our garden of dancing flowers.  They have worked really hard to achieve the level they have and I was very pleased with much of what I saw.

Now the hard but stimulating work begins anew as we head back into training.


I will pin a newsletter up on the notice board but from now on you may check out all news and any changes on this website.