Term starts Tuesday 5th April

Welcome:  To all our new dancers and their families who started in the 1st term and to those who are starting this term.  We hope you will have many happy learning years filled with enjoyment at our school.

Reminder:    Fees:  Those who have outstanding accounts from the previous terms please discuss payment with me.

Concert  Notices and payments: There are a few outstanding who have not contacted me please do so asap as we have started on the costumes.

New classes:   We have had requests for a morning Adult ballet Class besides the two evening classes we already have.  Let me know if any of you would be interested in joining these classes.  There is also a new 5 – 6 year old class on Tuesday 3.30 – 4.00

Request:   Please bring your child no more than 10/15 minutes before class and fetch within 10/15 of the class ending.  Please do not drop off additional young children.  I am not able to supervise unattended children and offer no aftercare facilities.

The Term that was:                  

The Good: Having everyone so happy to be back in class and having a lovely intake of new dancers.

Having Vincent Hantam, from the Scottish Ballet company and Edinburgh University teach Master classes for us.  An  interesting learning experience for those who were invited to participate.

The Bad: Having another break-in and burglary in our dressing and storage room and all the extra work and cost in time and money having to cope with it bring                                                     s.

The Good: Having the lit cigarette that the burglars dropped in the midst of the costumes not set everything alight.


QUESTION MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED:   When will my child be in a concert?


ANSWER: When they have learnt enough to have something to show, when they are attending sufficient classes to cope with the work, when parents agree to our terms and conditions.  And yes, I am selecting dancers that I consider suitable and who are available.  Dancers who do not attend classes regularly will never attain a high enough standard to meet our requirements. Commitment from Parents and dancers.

The same applies to our Internal Assessments with invited external assessors.

We urge new parents to attend our shows so that you can see what we are doing.

Production 2016: Dates: May Fri 27, Sat 28 at 8.00pm  Sun 29 at 3.00pm

  June Fri 3, Sat 4 at 8.00pm  and Sun 5 at 3.00pm                   

Parking: Entrance from White Rd.

Tickets:  R100 per ticket


HELP FOR PRODUCTION 2016: Are there photographers/designers of art work/ anyone who could assist us with art work and possibly film the production at different times for record purposes?    Some of the costumes are being painted.  Volunteers?

We have an email about the production to send to our data base please let me know if you would like to receive it so you can forward it to people in your circle.

  • 3 people to manage Front of House per performance – to handle food sales, selling & checking of tickets at door and to welcome guests as they arrive.
  • 1 person per performance to watch back entrance and back garden when the show is happening.
  • 2 ladies per performance to assist as dressers for quick changes and to stay with the young dancers during the run of the performance.
  • People who are good with hair and make-up

No participating dancers will be allowed to watch the production during the performance.





If you already have a card you can put Dance Crew Ballet Company Cape Town as the beneficiary if you don’t have a card the forms are on the desk in the foyer.

Forms available on our website .  appform_myschool_english_print