Teaching on line – which will continue until lockdown is lifted.

Teaching my ballet classes on line this week has been an incredible journey of learning. Learning the program I am using and adapting and adjusting everything from the technical aspect of distance from camera and visibility to interaction with the on screen dancers.

The encouragement and support I have received from parents and pupils has been overwhelming in kindness and practical suggestions.  I have realized as never before the power and strength of our Ballet community. All have taken up the challenge to make this work.

What was so impressive was everyone’s perseverance and determination to continue training despite the interruptions and limitations placed on us. The goodwill emanating from all family members of the dancers to make this work was almost unbelievable.

I was so grateful to find a way to continue the training with everyone, from young beginners to seniors and everything in between including adults, that I only realized what an unexpected exhausting emotional and physical experience  this method of teaching was when I deflated at the end of each day.

But with this process of frustration comes opportunity to work very technical detailed work which can only lead to greater strength and resilience for the dancers and for the teacher.

At the end of each day when I stopped and closed down the studio, after having been working and interacting on screen with so many people for hours on end, I feel so sad and alone. A studio that always has people coming and going vibrating with people talking, dancing and laughing is silent as I lock and alarm the premises.