Lockdown! but classes to continue online.

Due to the situation we all find ourselves in, the physical school will be closed until further notice.   That does not mean there will be no classes.

I am currently working on Zoom, a program for online learning so as to continue classes for you to enjoy in your own home.

This program can be used on desktop, laptop, cell phone etc.  You download the app on phones.

I will provide more detailed info as I gain a better understanding of what I am doing.

You do not have to learn the program you simply have to accept the invitation via email to join me on Zoom that I will send when ready.

I cannot give you a date as to when this will all happen  but do need the following answers from all of you .  Give it thought and answer everything at once please.

  • Would you be interested and prepared to try this type of learning?
  • I am emailing you on the email I send your invoice.  Should you want me to use a different email that the dancer will be able to see please provide me with that email.   Also confirm what cell number for whatsapp you want me to use
  • Would you want me to keep the days and times of the classes that the dancers currently attend.  Please remember I cannot make too many changes and the whole class has to agree
  • I would like all the 6pm classes to re-consider their  time slots and what times would suit them .  Perhaps morning classes or lunch time.

Please bare with me as I attempt  this new teaching process.  I can see many positive results for everyone  but my immediate concern is that everyone become familiar with the process and I learn not only how to use Zoom but adapt to a new way of teaching.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me preferably by email and I will reply soonest.

Stay safe, sane and healthy. Amy Gould