Video clips for Beginner Ballet Classes for children and adults

I had a request by one of the beginner adults on how to improve more rapidly.  As a result of that plea for help I started creating video clips of individual exercises that we work on in these classes.  When they forget exact details they can watch the WhatsApp clip and refresh their memories.

All dancers who are in the classes are welcome to join our WhatsApp Group and receive each new clip as I update

I used one of our young dancers to demonstrate as accurately as possible.

This is opening up all kinds of ideas as to how this process can be used in different ways in different classes. We now have three different groups 4 – 6, 7 – 9 and adults (unlimited age if healthy)

Constructive ideas and suggestions are welcome.

At this stage only available to those learning at this school. You tube clip is simply and example of what we are doing.