Siberian Swan pointe shoes for young dancers

After plus minus six years of hard and consistent work these two young dancers have received their reward – their new Siberian Swan Russian Pointe Shoes. 

Their joy knew no boundary as they were initiated into the magical world of dancing, on pointe.  These two dancers deserve their shoes and as Hannah reminded me, `do you know how long we have been waiting for these’? 

`Yes my dear, remember I am the one who has been working those feet and legs and all your body parts and brain every step of the way with you?’

These shoes were two pairs of a batch we ordered from Fiona Brown who is importing them.

They appear to be a more logical approach to the anatomical structure of the foot and much improved for balancing on a flat foot and on the top of the arch than some of the makes we have previously used.

We are monitoring the shoes with the senior dancers giving feedback but so far it all appears good.