2nd Term 2019

This term starts on Tuesday 2nd April

Welcome to all the new Parents and children who started ballet classes last term and to those starting this term. It is so good to see the Dads taking turns to bring their children to their ballet classes. On some Saturdays it looks like Father’s Day as they all sit in a relaxed style in the glass room chatting and making new friends.

I have had a special request from some of the Moms to start an Adult Ballet Class on a Saturday morning as they cannot attend the adult classes we already have on Mondays and Wednesday 6 – 7. Your request is my command, where possible.

Classes will start Saturday 6th April this term at 11.30 – 12.30 The time might be subject to change but you will be kept informed. In order to join the class please email me and let me know. There is no enrollment fee if a member of your family is already learning at the school.

Dads you are not excluded and will be most welcome. Again email me to book a place or attend a trial class or if you have any queries.

Let us hope it is a healthy, safe term for everyone and that we continue to have light in our lives so we are able to carry on dancing.