2nd Term Newsletter

2nd Term starts 10th April

A warm welcome to all our new dancers and their families who all got off to a flying start.

Thank you to those who have been  well organized it really makes my life a lot easier and yours.

Admin takes up so much time so if you have to be sent additional invoices there will be an admin fee charged.  I have been telling everybody this would be happening and hoping that those who are habitually late would take heed, but to no avail.

Reminder to the forgetful:  Fees are due at the beginning of each term not at the end or when you remember if you feel like it.

For Winter we have Black crossover tops that you may order.  Payment with order.

Please check out ImagineMag!   an online Arts & Culture Magazine which I produce.  Subscription is free and unsubscribing is just as easy.