Parents!  Think about this before taking your child to ballet classes

Why do you want your child to learn ballet?

For the physical exercise leading to good posture and strong bodies

Discipline of mind and body

Focus and concentration

The joy of moving to beautiful music

Because they say they do


Are you prepared for the following?

Making sure your child attends regulary

Being on time

Committing to a long enough period so that the child, together with the parent is able to make an informed decision based on knowledge

Being part of the learning process, especially in the beginning

Prepared for the financial commitment


But what school or teacher will suit your child?  This is possibly the most critical area of all.

Does the school have an ethos of reliability, experience and commitment to the work they are doing.

Are parents welcome to watch a first class before making a decision

Is the class conducted in a firm but gentle manner?

Do the children look happy and attentive?


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