4th Term Newsletter


Our First Term January 2018  starts a week after the Government Schools return as I have found the parents need a few days to get organized again after the long holidays and changes to the school time tables.

N.B There will be a plus minus 5% increase in fees from January 2018

Please check notice board for any notices during the term.

Individual notices will be handed out in mid-November for the younger classes for Parents days.  If notices handed out too early people forget.  Parents days are usual held in the final week of the term in the dancers last class of the year.  e.g   Saturday 8.30 – 9.15 Parents day will be on 2nd December.

During the 4th Term I look at which of the dancers  need to be moved to other classes or need more classes.  I will then discuss this with the Parents to see if this is possible.

Last Term saw the start of yet another beginner 4 to 5 year old class.  This has proved a delightful class to work with as they are so happy and keen to do things correctly.

This term sees the start of a teenage beginner class as I have had many inquiries for this and when there was space it was started.  Please see post about this if interested.

Last term saw the foundation laid for one of the new ballets, Flamingo Vlei, to be performed in 2018.  Those dancers who will be given the opportunity of participating will be informed next year.

This term we will start on the casting for the 2nd ballet.  (Name not finalized yet)  We have already being trying various steps and styles but the story line will be developed now.

Finally, thank you to all who pay their account on time.  I know times are difficult for many but ignoring things is not an option.  Those who are outstanding please contact me immediately so that it can be resolved.

Enjoy this term everyone.