Indigenous Flowers & other works 

Amy Gould Ballet School

in Association with Dance Crew a Contemporary

Ballet company

THE STRUGGLE     A contemporary work about getting to the top at any cost – music Eric Satie

CREATURES ON THE SEA SHORE    What Penguins, Crabs and Seagulls do and how human pollution impacts on them – music Gordon Mackay

YESTERDAY – music by Paul McCartney will need no introduction to many in the audience. Choreographed for two teenagers who are living their future `Yesterdays’, today.

 There will be an INTERVAL of 15 MINUTES

INDIGENOUS FLOWERS –music Gordon Mackay

Strelitzia reginae  Common name, Crane flower or Bird of paradise.  This is no soft, shy flower. It has a strong architectural shape as has the dance.

Plectranthus Plectranthus  or Spur flower is a member of the mint family – the fairy flowers of the flower kingdom performed to an African Waltz

Caterpillers Need no introduction  as they  munch everything in their pathway.

ZANTEDESCHIA  or  Arum lily  Is portrayed as a  shy and gentle personality prefering the shade and cool areas. The music is abstract and unstructured as is the dance.

Honey Bees  We may fear their sting but value the importance of their work in pollination

Queen Proteas Regal and strong with the rounded shape which has been carried by the arms in the movement.

Theatre On- Main Tokai

May   Fri 27, Sat  28 at 8.00pm  Sun 29 at 3.00pm

June  Fri 3, Sat  4 at 8.00pm Sun 5 at 3.00pm

Parking: Entrance from White Rd.

Tickets:  R100 per ticket      Booking:

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