Term starts Monday 12 OCTOBER


Please note:              1ST term 2016 FEE increase + 6%


For the Saturday 9.15 class there will be a 2nd lesson starting on Tuesdays 3.30 to 4.15.  This age group is for 5 to 7 year olds.  This is not an alternative class but an additional class.  Where I have the time and the dancers need a 2nd lesson in order to maintain progress I set that time aside for them.  I have emailed this information to the relevant parents.  I am aware that it takes time to arrange lifts and transport and am also aware of the planning this takes on the part of the parents.  Thank you.

 Parents day

For Saturday 8.30 and 9.15 classes will take place at the end of the term.   Invites with details will be sent via childmail in November.

***** Be a Dancer for the Day  –   An event on our fund raising path  *****

 Check out a video clip of a previous Be a Dancer for a Day event

We are encouraging everyone to attend in whatever combination suits you Moms and Dads, Moms and daughters, Fathers and Sons, Aunts and Uncles.  Let’s be creative here.  Children participating should be at least 7/8 years of age in order to participate.  No upper age bracket for adults.  If you think you can do it come on and just do it.  You will be amazed at what you can do – I probably will be too.

Participants can wear anything they are comfortable in and work barefoot or socks or whatever.

So start telling your family and friends about this and encourage them to join in this fun filled event.

WHEN:           SAT 7 NOVEMBER 12 – 1.00


COST:            R100 per person with an extra R50 per person per family or group.  2 in a group or family

R150, 3 in a group or family R200  ETC.

BOOKING:     021 715 9510 OR info@theatreonmain.co.za




Dance Crew Contemporary Ballet Company has received provisional Approval for the

Woolworths MySchool/MyVillage Programme

We still need a few more and would like to provide as many as we can right at the beginning so please help.

To get full approval, we need to get at least 50 people to choose Dance Crew as a beneficiary on their card. If you already have a card, you can change or add Dance Crew as a beneficiary. And if you do not have a card, you can sign up and list Dance Crew as your beneficiary. Either way, please fill in this form below and return it to me. We’d really appreciate it if everyone can get as many people as possible to participate and sign the form below and return to me.  I have included a form if you have not already had one and they can be downloaded from our website www.theatreonmain.co.za

Each month we will receive a very small percentage of whatever our benefactors have bought via their Supporter Card.


 Production 2016

 Those who will be participating will receive notices during this term.  Please read carefully, sign and return to me.  There is a financial and an attendance commitment required so please take this into consideration when the dancer participates.

All participants need to attend classes AT LEAST twice a week and on a regular basis.

For new parents:  We charge a fixed amount which covers 6 prepaid tickets and covers the cost of the costume/s  (and yes you can buy more in fact the more tickets you sell the better for everyone)

I will send out a list of what our requirements will be to see if any parents can help.  We will be looking for people who draw and paint as some of the costumes will need to be dyed and then painted on for the effects we will be creating. Front of house people for audience control and backstage people to dress and make-up the dancers.

People to sell tickets and generally market the show are needed.  Tell me what you can and would like to do and I will find you a place to develop your skill.

Let’s be productive this term.